Security law: the defender of rights points to "considerable risks" for the freedom to inform

The proposed law on "global security", examined since Wednesday by deputies, poses "considerable risks" to the freedom to inform and the right to privacy, said the defender of rights in a published opinion this Thursday, November 5.

This independent authority says it is "particularly concerned about the restrictions envisaged concerning the dissemination of images of security force agents in the exercise of their function".

This bill raises considerable risks of infringement of several fundamental rights, in particular to…—Defenseurdroits(@Défenseur des droits)

Claire Hédon, the defender of rights (DDD), “asks that, on the occasion of this text, neither the freedom of the press nor the right to information be hindered”.

Threats to the freedom to inform

The text, tabled on October 20 by LREM and its ally Agir, proposes in particular to penalize the malicious use of images of the police, or any other element of identification of the police officers and gendarmes in intervention, which would be punishable by '' one year in prison.The stated goal is to better protect the police, victims of a series of attacks, by prohibiting them from being exposed on social networks.

The DDD stresses for its part that “informing the public and publishing images relating to police interventions are legitimate and necessary for democratic functioning.” It also points out, in this text, the possible possibility of consulting the images from CCTV cameras, real-time use of images from police pedestrian cameras and the use of drones as a surveillance tool.

Posted Date: 2020-12-15

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